My assignment for this project was to research and develop an integrated marketing campaign for a product or service by using insights and/or data about the target market to inform the brand positioning, campaign strategy and creative concept. I also had to create a series of mockups for print, OOH and digital ads, social media posts, and a branded experience.
I chose hair dye brand Good Dye Young because I'm a big fan both of their products and of the co-founder Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore. 
Good Dye Young specializes in vibrant, bold colors. I wanted to incorporate the range of shades they provide, but in a way that felt sophisticated and modern which is how I settled on the holographic textures seen throughout my deliverables. 
I designed an experience that could be held in a large public park or even in the vendor area of a music festival like Lollapalooza. The participant completes a personality test that matches them to a shade of dye and signs them up for the mailing list, then they can use GDY's temporary hair makeup to create a signature look. They can enter to win a semi-permanent dye makeover from the stylists in the tent, take photos in front of the holographic walls, browse all the products GDY has to offer, and take home some free goodies. 
Brand Research & Positioning
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